Mr. Reid has appeared on television with THE EARLY MORNING SHOW opening for Lionel Richie as well as warming up the crowd for the JUDGE MILLS LANE SHOW.  Mr. Reid film profile consists of several short independent films with famed director Kim Singleton; NOT OF THE FLESH, A COMMUNITY AT PEACE and CEE LO which premiered at the in the Tribeca Film Festival and Glenn Gibson’s independent short RAP QUEST.   Mr. Reid performed in the play THE LAND OF THE INNER CITIES that was performed in several parks across the New York City area.  He has also performed in several comedy festivals around the country such as BLUE COLLAR COMEDY at Caroline’s Comedy Club, LAFFAPALOOZA COMEDY FESTIVAL hosted by Jamie Fox in Atlanta’s famed Uptown Comedy Corner, the first annual LAUGH ACROSS AMERICA at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and the first annual COMEDY FESTIVAL in Madison Square Garden hosted by Mr. Tom Joyner.  Mr. Reid has been featured in several comedy clubs in and around the New York City area such as Stand-Up New York, Uptown Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Laugh House in Philadelphia and Comic Strip Live.  


Derrick “Outta Control” Reid hails from Hollis, Queens, NY.  Mr. Reid studied dramatic theater at Queensboro Community College where he perfected his acting skills by performing in several college productions

However, Mr. Reid’s claim to fame is his spectacular comedic performance in the documentary film “STREET SNAPS” produced by FUBU.  The film follows Mr. Reid along with several other comedians competing for a grand prize of $5000.

Mr. Reid’s motivation comes from his visualizations of day-to-day life experiences. With this motivation, he has developed his newest character, Mr. Derrick “OC” Reid the Bus Driver. While working as a NYC bus driver provided him with electrifying and innovative material that will guarantee a show loaded with laughs and will ensure an enjoyable night.

Mr. Reid’s passion for writing leads him on a path that would one day enable him to direct and produce his own screenplay.